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New Fake Field Goal Play Spotted in Madden 16

Special teams has always been overlooked in Madden NFL games.  There may be good reason for that.  After all, who buys Madden to kick field goals?  But the lack of any sort of new fake punt plays or fake field goal plays in Madden over the last decade has been pretty astounding.

EA Sports is changing that this year.  A new fake field goal play was spotted at E3 where EA Sports has Madden 16 on display.  It can be seen above.

It isn’t anything special but at least now there isn’t just one fake field goal play in the entire game.  Your opponent will at have to think if they suspect a fake field goal.

We know that 600 new plays were added to the game and it is good to see that at least 1 of them is in special teams.  Hopefully there is a new fake punt play to go along with the fake field goal.

It had always striked me as lazy that the exact same special teams plays were in every game going all the way back to the PlayStation 2.  This tiny fact may seem insignificant but it is a good sign for Madden 16 if they are putting time into implementing more plays into the game.

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