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Madden NFL 16 Dallas Cowboys Team Breakdown

The Dallas Cowboys have always been one of the most popular teams to use in Madden games.  That won’t change in Madden 16.  They have a great offense and improved the defense significantly though the draft.

Below you can find the Dallas Cowboys team breakdown in Madden NFL 16

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  You have a great quarterback, a good running back, a great wide receiver, a great tight end, and arguably the best offensive line in Madden NFL 16.  You should stay as balanced as you possibly can with the Cowboys.  If you become one dimensional, it makes your offense much easier for the other team to defend.

Defensive Strategy: Get a few stops.  You don’t need to do too much with the Cowboys defense in Madden 16.  If you can get a stop and 1 turnover each game then you should have no trouble winning games provided that you aren’t terrible on offense.

Impact Players: QB Tony Romo, HB Darren McFadden, WR Dez Bryant, WR Terrance Williams, TE Jason Witten, LT Tyron Smith, RE Greg Hardy, ROLB Sean Lee, CB Orlando Scandrick, CB Byron Jones

Key Newcomers: HB Darren McFadden, RE Randy Gregory, CB Byron Jones, Greg Hardy

Strengths: Offense.  We covered this above but the Cowboys really do have an exceptional offense.  Tony Romo is mobile enough to make the defense think about his scrambling ability but he has the passing ratings to make all of the throws on the field. Dez Bryant is the 2nd most dangerous receiver in Madden 16 only to Calvin Johnson.  Jason Witten just always seems to be open.  And the offensive line should create plenty of big holes in the running game.

Weaknesses: Big hitters over the middle.  Sean Lee is one of the best user linebackers in Madden but he is much better as a coverage linebacker than as someone who forces fumbles routinely.  The Cowboys don’t have that one guy who makes you scared to go over the middle.

Overview: The Cowboys are a top team heading into Madden 16.  They improved their defense through the draft and the offense is always extremely dangerous.

What did we miss?  Let us know your take on the Dallas Cowboys in Madden 16 in the comments section.

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  1. Hopefully offensive line actually matters this year. And Dez is always so so sick.

    1. Ya, Randy Gregory and Byron Jones should make a big impact as well in M16.

  2. Greg Hardy isn’t listed as a key newcomer?

    Tryone Crawford should be listed as an impact player

    Ronaldo McClain definitely has enough hit power to force fumbles as does Hitchens (87). Not to mention both Wilcox and Church are nasty hitters.

    1. Good call on Greg Hardy. I just added him in. What do you think the Cowboys biggest weaknesses are in Madden 16?

      1. my opinion for the biggest weakness for the cowboys is the safety setup. Both good run support, but they arent very good at pass coverage. Also a main concern could be the middle of the Defensive line. Tyrone crawford has done well, but it’s still up in the air

  3. Barry Church, J.J. Wilcox, Sean Lee, Rolando McClain and Anthony Hitchens all have hit power over 80 and Church is in the 90’s, so I am not sure where you got no hitters from. I agree with the safeties not being the best in coverage, but Church is a strong safety that plays in the box and Wilcox is pretty much a strong safety that is playing the wrong position, If Wilcox struggles in pass coverage again this year hopefully Bryon Jones can step into that role at some point. Overall good article bro.

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Great added value to the conversation.

    2. I also think that joesph randle is left out and rated low. Over 6 ypc on 54 attempts. He should at least be in the 80’s

  4. Cowboys offensive line has way too little awareness…….screen passes are a joke for those guys, whif every time….and any time the other team brings the heat at least one lineman lets a defender through……other than that if you can get those bitches to block, yeah the offense is great!

  5. when half the cowboys team isnt stuck on the bench with injuries, yes, they do have a chance to be really good. but lets be real here. when was the last year anyone ever saw a full roster of healthy cowboys play through a full season of football, including playoffs? it seems to me that every year we supposedly get better at defense and/or offense, yet the players we end up needing to play offense or defense end up on the bench because of injuries. of course we cant forget about the players are just too good for the nfl rules and have to break them just to make themselves happy, which results in suspensions. so yeah. all us dallas cowboys fans (me included) will be stuck with a team that can be really good, but wont get a chance to see their full potential until someone decides to wrap up all our fragile pro bowl material stars with bubble wrap to keep them from getting injured within the first 5 minutes of a game