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Madden NFL 16 Arizona Cardinals Team Breakdown

The Arizona Cardinals come into Madden 16 with a solid team.  While they aren’t on the level of the overpowered Seattle Seahawks, fans of the Cardinals should have no problem using them.  The defense should carry them again in Madden NFL 16.

We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to your big athletic receivers.  Both Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald are the types of physical receivers that dominate Madden 16.  You should be using the new aggressive catch feature as much as you can.

Defensive Strategy: Just be solid.  You don’t need to do too much on defense to win with the Cardinals.  Patrick Peterson will shut down one side of the field.  Patrol the middle with either Daryl Washington or Tyrann Mathieu.  If you have decent user skill, you should be able to force a turnover or 2 each game with those guys.

Impact Players: QB Carson Palmer, WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Michael Floyd, LT Jared Veldheer, LG Mike Iupati, LE Calais Campbell, MLB Daryl Washington, CB Patrick Peterson, FS Tyrann Mathieu

Key Newcomers: LG Mike Iupati, RT DJ Humphries

Strengths: Defense.  Even though the Cardinals lost a few important members of their defense, they still have plenty of big time playmakers.  Calais Campbell is one of the best 3-4 defensive ends in Madden 16, Daryl Washington is one of the best user MLB’s in the game, Tyrann Mathieu is a big time playmaker, and Patrick Peterson is an absolute stud.

Weaknesses: Running backs.  The Cardinals don’t have a good Madden running back.  Andre Ellington is alright but there are at least 20 running backs better than him in Madden 16.  He doesn’t have top end speed ratings, break tackle ratings, or overall rating.  Luckily the Cardinals upgraded their offensive line this year so it may be a little easier to run the ball.

Overview: The Cardinals are a slightly above average team in Madden 16.  While they may not initially be as good as they were in Madden NFL 15, they still have plenty of good players.  If you use your elite defense and big wide receivers the right way you will be fine.

How will you use the Cardinals in Madden 16?  Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Mohamed A.
Mohamed A.
8 years ago

Rookie running back for the Cardinals David Johnson will shock the leauge this year! With a healthy QB look for the Cardinals to become a powerhouse !

8 years ago
Reply to  Mohamed A.

The Cardinals were one of my favorite teams to play as last year. I love playing with good defensive teams that can run the ball.

8 years ago
Reply to  HAFFnHAFF

The offensive line is much improved. The run game will be better and all the backs are excellent catching out of the backfield.

Nothing will change on the D. Still a top 5 unit. Mathieu will be an impact player.