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Madden NFL 16 Atlanta Falcons Team Breakdown

The Atlanta Falcons are the type of team that must people will overlook in Madden 16.  They probably fall into the lower half of Madden NFL 16 teams but they are easily good enough to at least compete with if you use them the right way.

The complete Atlanta Falcons team breakdown for Madden 16 is below.

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Offensive Strategy: Passing attack.  Julio Jones is a top 5 Madden receiver but for some reason always gets overlooked.  He has the speed, size, and catch ratings needed to cause matchup nightmares for opponents.  Defenses who key in on him will get burned by Roddy White and Devin Hester.

Defensive Strategy: Take some chances.  On defense you have 2 big time playmakers in Vic Beasley and Desmond Trufant.  There is just no stopping Vic Beasley especially considering the ridiculous physical stats he has.  Desmond Trufant should be able to get an interception every now and then.  Outside of those guys though, the Falcons don’t have any true game changers on defense so you will have to take some chances.

Impact Players: QB Matt Ryan, WR Julio Jones, WR Roddy White, WR Devin Hester, DT Ra’Shede Hageman, LOLB Vic Beasley, ROLB Justin Durant, CB Desmond Trufant

Key Newcomers: HB Tevin Coleman, LOLB Vic Beasley, CB Jalen Collins, TE Jacob Tamme

Strengths: The passing game.  Tevin Coleman will be a nice weapon in the running game but the Falcons offense in Madden 16 is built around QB Matt Ryan.  Devin Hester has top end speed which is always hard to defend in Madden.  Julio Jones is an elite receiver and you can’t forget about Roddy White either.

Weaknesses: Big hitters on defense.  The Falcons don’t have that intimidating MLB or safety that has a good speed rating combined with good hit power.  In Madden games it is so important to have a guy like that over the middle of the field to make your opponents think twice before throwing a slant route.

Overview: All in all, the Atlanta Falcons have a good offense and a few pieces on defense.  True fans of the Falcons will probably be the only people using them online.

What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments section.

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