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Madden NFL 15 San Diego Chargers Team Breakdown

In today’s team breakdown we are analyzing the San Diego Chargers in Madden NFL 15.  They have effective players at most positions which puts them above a lot of Madden teams, but they lack the weapons of some of the more popular teams you will see in online play.

Team: San Diego Chargers

Offensive Strategy: Spread the ball around.  The Chargers have a bunch of wide receiver options.  When you add Danny Woodhead and Antonio Gates into the passing game, you have the makings of a very effective offense.

Defensive Strategy: Rush the quarterback.  The Chargers have great pass rushers and their secondary is much improved from last year.  Donald Butler is one of the best user linebackers in the game so make sure you patrol the field laying out receivers and running backs with hit sticks.

Strengths: Balance.  The Chargers really don’t have too many Madden weaknesses which is a big strength.  If your opponent can’t exploit a specific weakness, it makes your team that much more to difficult to play against

Weaknesses: If the Chargers do have a weakness, it is a lack of big time playmakers.  They have plenty of guys who are effective but lack a big time star who you can go to when things get tough.

Impact Players: QB Phillip Rivers, HB Ryan Matthews, HB Danny Woodhead, WR Vincent Brown, WR Eddie Royal, WR Keenan Allen, TE Antonio Gates, MLB Donald Butler, ROLB Dwight Freeney, LOLB Jarret Johnson, FS Eric Weddle, CB Jason Verrett, CB Brandon Flowers

Key Newcomers: CB Jason Verrett, OLB Jeremiah Attaochu, HB Donald Brown, CB Brandon Flowers

Additional Remarks: The San Diego Chargers are a popular choice as a dark horse team.  Although they aren’t an elite Madden 15 team, in the right hands they could be very good.

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9 years ago

Man, I’ve been playing Madden for a long time. I think it was 08 when they were actually really decent. Go bolts!

9 years ago

The Chargers are way better than ppl think, the addition of Brandon Flowers, Jasson Verret on defense is huge. Most ppl don’t know is the Chargers actually have speed on defense. Either way it’s all good. Tevin Recce will help a lot on offense, Floyd is coming back, Mathews had a good year w/ only one fumble all season I think maybe two. While Denario Alexander is gone we have other free Agents who will assist in keeping the ball moving. Not only that Alexander got hurt and didn’t even play. The Chargers will be competitive .