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How To Defend A 5 Wide Receiver Formation in Madden

5 wide receiver formations have been getting more and more common in Madden NFL games.  Look for that trend to continue into Madden NFL 15 with the increased accuracy of elite quarterbacks.

In today’s Madden 25 video tip, Yoda goes over one of his favorite ways to bring pressure against 5 wide receiver offenses.

The setup and video can be seen below.

How To Defend 5 Wide Receiver Offenses - Madden NFL Tips

Playbook: 49ers

Formation: 2-3-6 Sam

Play: Mike Edge 1


  1. QB Spy the DT
  2. Put RE in a purple zone
  3. User the free safety

You can use the zone version of this play with a similar setup.

Madden School Pro Tip: Substitute a DE in at DT to give you extra speed and a linebacker in at RE since he will be dropping into coverage.

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