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No Madden 15 NFL Sunday Ticket Deal – Alternatives Available

It seems like the entire Madden community and some of the greater NFL community is asking whether or not there will be a version of Madden NFL 15 that comes with NFL Sunday Ticket for an extra fee.  The answer is unfortunately that deal will not be available in 2014.

Last year’s deal, $100 dollars for Madden 25 and a year of NFL Sunday Ticket on mobile devices and computers, was one of the best ever.  It was a special occasion with EA Sports celebrating their 25th madden game.

Although we haven’t received direct confirmation that there will not be a deal there are a few pieces of overwhelming evidence that just about ensure that an NFL Sunday Ticket and Madden 15 bundle won’t be available.

  1. Last year’s anniversary edition was announced in May.  We are now nearing the end of July.  It just doesn’t make sense for either DirecTV or EA Sports to announce it now.
  2. EA Sports has already announced their “Bonus” edition of the game.  It comes with 40 extra Ultimate Team Packs and costs $70 dollars. If anyone is interested, you can pre order that version here.
  3. People were selling their NFL Sunday Ticket codes on eBay for more than $100 dollars last year.  So customers were making money and receiving Madden 25 for free.  It isn’t in either companies interest to leave a bunch of money on the table like that.

There is an alternative this year, although admittedly it isn’t nearly as good of a deal.  DirecTV is offering packages starting at $199 that you can view on your laptop, phone or tablet.  They also have a deal where you get NFL Sunday Ticket on your gaming console for $239.  Please note that it is limited to only the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One.  Exclusive XBOX 360 users are out of luck.  You can get the bundle with the option of watching all NFL games every Sunday on any of the devices outlined above for $329.  Here is the link to all the pricing options.

DirecTV claims these options are only available to certain people who meet their restrictions.  You have to fill out out a form with your name and address to see if you are eligible to complete the purchase online.  Not everyone will be able to qualify online, but in my experience if you give them a call and provide any good reason why you cannot get the DirecTV satellite dish installed, they will work with you.

Some popular reasons that I have heard work before in various places are:

  • My landlord does not allow me to install a satellite dish on my roof.
  • My homeowners association does not allow me to have a visible satellite dish.

Feel free to add excuses that have worked for you or that you haven’t had any luck with in the comment section below to help out the community.

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