We are back for our 8th season of providing the best Madden tips, strategies, and schemes around.  In today’s free Madden 15 tip, we are going over a way to pick up first downs in 3rd and medium situations.  It is always hard to convert third downs when the new Madden game comes out, but it is harder than ever this year with the added emphasis on defense.

Don’t fear! We have a really basic play that will get you that first down against any team and any coverage.

Playbook: Green Bay Packers

Formation: Gun Bunch Wk

Play: Drive Mesh


  1. Hot route your running back to a swing to the left
  2. Put the middle receiver in the bunch on a streak
  3. Put your outside left wide receiver on a slant


  1. Your primary read is your B/circle receiver on the delayed drag route
  2. If he is covered, look to your RB/R1 receiver or your X/square receiver on the slant

Overview: This is a great play to call on anywhere from 3rd and 3 to 3rd and 6.  You should be able to get 5 or more yards every time.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see any strategies or schemes in particular, feel free to leave a comment below.