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Madden NFL 15 New York Jets Team Breakdown

The New York Jets could potentially have a very strong team heading into Madden NFL 15 depending on their exact overall ratings.  They have the basic makeup to compete against the better teams that you will find online but they shouldn’t yet be put into the elite category that the 49ers, Seahawks, and a few others are in.

Team: New York Jets

Offensive Strategy: Option and throw downfield.  The Jets have 2 of the better option quarterbacks in the game in Geno Smith and Mike Vick.  Chris Johnson is always incredibly fast and that likely won’t change much this year.  Combine that with a young pass catching tight end and a few very good Madden receivers, and you have a very hard offense to stop.

Defensive Strategy: Let your defensive line dominate.  The Jets have a strong defensive line. They also have a few young playmakers behind them that, given some time to develop, could become very dangerous.

Strengths: Offense.  It has been a while since the New York Jets have had an awesome offense, but that looks to be the case in Madden 15.  There are so many Madden weapons on the offense.  Even if you take one quarterback out of the game due to injury, you have another scary Madden QB waiting to take his place.

Weaknesses: Secondary.  Similarly it has been a while since the secondary of the Jets has been considered weak, but that is the case this year.  They won’t necessarily be all that weak, they just won’t be as strong as they were in the last few Maddens.  Millner and Pryor could make that secondary very good very fast however.

Impact Players: QB Geno Smith, QB Michael Vick, HB Chris Johnson, WR Stephen Hill, WR Eric Decker, TE Jace Amaro, LE Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Sheldon Richardson, ROLB Quinton Coples, MLB Demario Davis, CB Dee Millner, SS Calvin Pryor

Key Newcomers: SS Calvin Pryor, TE Jace Amaro, CB Dexter McDougle, HB Chris Johnson, WR Eric Decker, WR Jacoby Ford

Additional Remarks: The New York Jets should be a pretty strong team this year purely in Madden terms.  The offense has playmakers all over the filed and the defense could become scary given a few roster updates.

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