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Madden NFL 15 Demo Release Date Forecast

EA Sports hasn’t yet announced the release date for the Madden NFL 15 demo.  However, by doing a little research and looking back a few years, we can get a pretty good idea of when to expect the demo to be released.  We expect the Madden 15 demo will be released on the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One consoles this year.

Lets take a look at the release dates of demos for previous Madden NFL video games.

  • The Madden NFL 25 demo was released 14 days before the game came out
  • The Madden NFL 13 demo was released 14 days before the game came out
  • The Madden NFL 12 demo was released 21 days before the game came out
  • The Madden NFL 11 demo was released 14 days before the game came out

As you can see the trend seems to be either 14 days or 21 days before the game is released.  This year, we know that Madden 15 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014.  So a reasonable guess would be that the Madden NFL 15 demo will be available on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014.  The other possibility is that it will be released on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014.

Of course, we still don’t know what teams or features will be included in the demo but that news should become available in the coming weeks.

Keep in mind that there are a few other details that may come into consideration this year.  It is the first Madden game to be released at the usual time on the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  Also, there was no NCAA Football 15 game this year so the demo might come out earlier this year because the fear is no longer there that the demo will hurt sales of EA Sports’ college football game.

When we find out the exact Madden 15 demo release date, we will pass it along to you.

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  1. Send me a email letting me know the the demo for PS3 is available to be downloaded

  2. Can you send me an email when the demo for ps4 is available for download?

  3. Send me an email when madden 15 demo is available on ps4 for download

  4. Email me when madden 15 demo is released for ps4 please

    1. Sorry guys, we aren’t sending out personalized emails to people when the demo is released.

  5. Is the demo coming out on Tuesday for xbox one?

  6. No madden 15 Demo this year! Ea confmd via twitter!

  7. That’s bull crap!!We spend all this money on systems, and trade in values go down when you try to trade in. Then all they do is hype up the game every year on how much better it’s gotten. Granted it is a good game for the only football game on the market, but presentation wise I’m dying to see what’s soo great about this years release. But honestly not that I’m gonna run right out and pick up Madden anyways but Madden’s gotta be the most bought sports game every year. Don’t we deserve as fans a demo?