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Madden NFL 15 Atlanta Falcons Team Breakdown

The Atlanta Falcons are a team that is good enough to compete in Madden 15 if you are an Atlanta Falcons fan.  However, if you have no attachment to the Falcons and are just trying to pick the best team in Madden 15, you may want to choose someone else.

We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Offensive Strategy: Air it out.  Spread the ball around to your arsenal of wide receivers.  Matt Ryan can make all the throws and Julio Jones is right behind Calvin Johnson as an elite Madden 15 receiver with his size, strength, and speed combination.

Defensive Strategy: The Falcons have plenty of solid players on defense, but they won’t be a match for some of the high powered offenses you will face online.  You’ll have to take some calculated risks in order to force turnovers and get stops.

Strengths: Passing game.  The Atlanta Falcons have a very good quarterback and elite wide receivers.  Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Harry Douglas have been dangerous in the last few Madden games.  Add in Devin Hester and his top notch speed and the Falcons offense is even more dangerous.

Weaknesses: Lack of elite defensive playmakers.  The Falcons have lots of players on defense who are solid or who have the potential to become good.  They lack the elite defensive players like Patrick Willis that scare opposing offenses.

Impact Players: QB Matt Ryan, HB Stephen Jackson, WR Julio Jones, WR Roddy White, WR/KR Devin Hester, DE Tyson Jackson, DT Paul Soliai, CB Desmond Trufant

Key Newcomers: RT Jake Matthews, DT Ra’Shede Hageman, FS Dexmen Southward, FS Dwight Lowery, WR Devin Hester, DE Jonathan Babineaux, DE Tyson Jackson, DT Paul Soliai

Additional Remarks: The Falcons have a great offense and a mediocre Madden defense.  If you can turn the defense from mediocre into above average, you won’t have problems winning with the Falcons in Madden 15.

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