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Top 5 Highest Rated Quarterbacks in Madden 15

After releasing the top 13 rated highest rated rookies in Madden 15 yesterday, EA Sports has moved onto the top 5 rated quarterbacks.  There are really any big surprises on the list.  No quarterback will start the year with a 99 overall rating.

Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning are tied for the highest rated quarterback coming in with ratings of 98 overall.  Aaron Rodgers has 80 Speed, 94 Throw Power, 92 Short Accuracy, 88 Medium Accuracy, and 90 Deep Accuracy.  Peyton Manning’s arm strong went down to an 86 overall but his other ratings are elite with 99 Awareness, 99 Short Accuracy, 96 Medium Accuracy, 88 Deep Accuracy, and 98 Play Action.

Drew Brees is 2 point below them with his rating of 96 overall.  His deep accuracy fell to 81 this year.  Not much more has been revealed about any of his other individual ratings.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Patriots QB Tom Brady tied for 4th with a 93 overall rating.  Russell Wilson has 86 Speed, 90 Agility, 92 Acceleration, 93 Throw Power, and 89 Deep Accuracy.  Tom Brady still dominates in Awareness with a perfect 99 rating to go along with 93 Throw Power, 94 Short Accuracy and 94 Medium Accuracy.

You can view the Madden 15 ratings release schedule here to see when other positions and teams ratings will be revealed.

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