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Madden NFL 11 Run Heavy Scheme Part 1

The running game in madden 11 is often underutilized.  If done correctly, you can take up entire quarters all while ending the possession by getting into the endzone.  Everyone goes for the big play in madden nfl 11 as they will in madden 12 as well.  The art of getting consistent 4 yard gains has become largely overlooked.  In this free madden tip series, you will learn how to pick up chunks on the ground using a variety of plays, audibles and shifts to fool the defense.

For the purposes of this madden running game tip, we are using the run heavy playbook but you can use the ideas in other playbooks and take it into madden 12.


  1. Have I-Form Normal HB Stretch as an audible
  2. We come out in I-Form Twin TE
  3. Scroll over on the playcall selection screen to the option labeled “heavy”
  4. Choose any run play in the formation


  1. Audible to HB Stretch and quickly flip the play
  2. Follow your blockers and get to the corner


This play is fairly unique because you get 3 of your best blockers leading the way for you.  You have your first string tight end lined up at wide receiver, an extra offensive tackle at tight end, and your fullback getting a clear shot at a safety or linebacker.  You can run this play consistently for 3-7 yards.  The play itself isn’t spectacular; it is the way you create mismatches that really makes this play special.  Remember, this concept can be used for madden 2012 as well.

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