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Madden 12 Clutch Ratings

The Madden 12 clutch rating is the newest madden 12 feature which was released today.  Clutch players such as Tom Brady will now improve their play as well as the performance of those around them when the game is on the line.  Donny Moore (the guy in charge of madden nfl 12 ratings) made it very clear that this will not be something that will be easily achievable.  There will only be a handful of players who will be able to have a clutch rating.  It will not be a standard rating set on a scale from 1-99.  A player will either have the clutch rating or he won’t.  You can watch the full video below with all of the information on madden 12’s newest feature.

Madden NFL 12 ALL NEW Clutch Rating

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  1. I can't wait for this feature to come out in madden 12

  2. How is Desean Jackson not Clutch? Then players like Hakeem Nicks, Peyton Hillis, and Santionio Holmes are.
    Peyton Hillis had one good year where Desean Jackson has proved that he can do anything with the ball in his hands consistantly since his rookie year in the NFL.

    1. i agree thats wrong dj is clutch and top 5 wr in nfl

  3. D. Revis misses 25% of the season, gets torched by Randy Moss and Andre Johnson and still gets a 99 rating. What's that all about? Tom Brady gets the clutch player designation, he didn't win the super bowl. Aaron Rodgers wins the super bowl and loses ratings. You guys are making me want to not play this game.

  4. Not sure you guys read the insert correctly clutch player that can make your TEAM better.not sure when dj made the eagles that much better with a minute left on the clock with out the ball being punted to him

  5. Patriots should have been 90+ Overall. Im suprised the Pats r only 88. Tom Brady, Chad Ochocinco, Wes Welker. come on. We went 14-2