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Madden 25 Wide Receiver Attributes Explained

madden 25 receiver attributes

A few days ago, we went over what a few individual ratings mean for quarterbacks in Madden 25.  Today we will be relaying information from EA Sports on what specific ratings mean for wide receivers and tight ends in this year’s game.

What Route Running (RTE) Does In Madden 25:

  • Determines fake out chance when cutting against man coverage.
  • Determines the amount of time it takes the receiver to adjust to the ball in the air.
  • Determines the sharpness of cut moves in the routes.
  • Determines the chance of a receiver slipping in wet weather conditions.

What Catch In Traffic (CIT) Does In Madden 25:

  • Used against hit power to determine the chance of a hit stick on a receiver.
  • Used against zone coverage and man coverage to determine the knock out chance when tackled during a catch.
  • Used in combination with the Carry rating to determine the fumble chance when a defender hits a receiver after a valid catch.

That is all EA Sports has told us at this time so we still don’t know how basic attributes like catch or awareness affect wide receivers and tight ends in this year’s game.

As we continue to gather more information on this, we will pass it along to you.

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10 years ago

I am looking forward to Madden 25. I notice you have a lot of updates about what Madden 25 is going to be about. Also, do you have anything else besides what is posted on the website for the upcoming Madden. I look forward to buying your e-books (how soon will you be posting your e-books)?