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Analyzing What Quarterback Ratings Mean In Madden 25

madden 25 quarterback ratings

After getting bombarded by fans demanding for a little more transparency on what each individual rating does in Madden 25, EA Sports has addressed the issue.  Unfortunately, our conclusion is that they still have it all wrong.

Here is the list of what the awareness rating does for quarterbacks in Madden 25 with our translated meaning in parentheses for people who play regular online games, tournaments, and leagues.

  • Used in combination with physical ratings to determine pass trajectory (Useless)
  • Determines the decision made on option routes (Useless)
  • Determines QB’s reaction time when scrambling (Useless)
  • Determines QB’s recognition of threats in the pocket (Useless)
  • Determines if a QB can throw a ball away (Useless)

Think of all of the above things in terms of playing against another person.  None of the things outlined really matter.  Sure if you sit around playing against the CPU all day and truly care how well the CPU’s quarterback makes decisions on whether or not to throw the ball away, then this might make since.  Other than that, it does nothing.

Furthermore, EA Sports really screwed up what constitutes a short, medium, and deep pass in their ratings.

  • Short Accuracy – rating is the accuracy percentage of the QB on throws under 20 yards.
  • Medium Accuracy – rating is the accuracy percentage of the QB on throws of 20-40 yards.
  • Deep Accuracy – rating is the accuracy percentage of the QB on throws greater than 40 yards.

Now I don’t know about you, but a throw that goes 38 yards on the fly, isn’t something I’d consider a medium pass.  Sure it may not be a bomb, but it is absolutely a deep pass.  If you see 38 yard completion on the fly, I have a hard time believing that you would be thinking to yourself, “That was a pretty medium gain.  If you complete 2 “medium passes of 38 yards” you have a touchdown pretty much every time.

Similarly, a 19 yard pass on the fly is by no means a short pass.  That is absolutely a medium pass.

So while I commend EA Sports on trying to increase their transparency a little, it now makes sense why they have been so resistant in the past.  Their ratings are pretty flawed and need a complete overhaul.

At least now we know what these ratings mean and which to avoid so kudos to them for that.

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10 years ago

So for a player like myself who throws about 20 yard pass on almost every pass attempt I should focus more on short and medium passes ? I didn’t know short passes went that far out.

10 years ago
Reply to  Joel

Keep in mind your quarterback is not typically throwing from the line of scrimmage either. So you could easily end up with a 20yrd “short” pass meaning anything inside 10/15yrds from the line of scrimmage, 10-30 for medium, 30+ for deep… Those numbers seem a little closer to what you were expecting?

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