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Madden 25: The 5 Highest Rated Players At Each Position On Offense

madden 25 top players

The top 5 overall quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers/tight ends, and the offensive lineman in Madden NFL 25 have been released by EA Sports.  There aren’t really any shockers on the list but it is good to finally know how these star players will be rated.

Aaron Rodgers is the top QB at 98 overall, Adrian Peterson is the top running back at 99 overall, Calvin Johnson is the highest rated receiver at 99 overall, and Evan Mathis is the highest rated offensive lineman at 98 overall.

The full player ratings for every player in the game should come out over the next few days as well.  Check out the detailed top 5 list in the video below.

Madden 25 Top 5 Offensive Player Ratings

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  1. Matt Ryan a 94 overall? Not a chance. Lynch is not the 2nd best running back in the NFL, no way. No Jahari Evans or Carl Nicks for the O-Lineman or Ryan Clady?

    1. I agree Matt Ryan is rated a little too high. I don’t really have a problem with too many of the other ratings though

      1. Too high?? Ya right! Lol. Mathis best olineman …ya right again lol
        Donny Moore is terrible with ratings in my opinion

        1. There is never any way to please everyone when it comes to ratings but in general they aren’t that far off.

  2. Marshawn Lynch is the second best rb in the NFL.