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Madden 25 Offensive Explosion eBook

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The Offensive Explosion eBook for Madden 25 is now available.  There are over 30 plays and 9 formations broken down out of the Atlanta Falcons playbook.  There are man beaters, zone beaters, effective running plays, and some great route combinations.  Each play comes with full written breakdowns and HD videos.

It works great with any team even if you don’t have a scrambling quarterback.

Here is a play found in the Atlanta Falcons playbook that you can use whether or not you decide to purchase the ebook.

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Singleback Tight Doubles

Play: PA WR Cross

Madden 25 Offensive Explosion eBook Sample Play


  1. None Required
  2. (Optional) Motion the tight end to the left into the backfield


  1. Pretty much all of your receivers will be open against any man to man coverage

Overview: This play is on of the ultimate man defense beaters in Madden 25.  Keep calling the play until your opponent switches to zone defense.

Here are the formations covered in the Offensive Explosion eBook:

  • Singleback Bunch
  • I-Form Tight Pair
  • Strong Close
  • Full House Normal Wide
  • Shotgun Doubles On
  • Shotgun Wing Trips
  • Shotgun Trio Falcon
  • Shotgun Tight Flex
  • Shotgun Bunch WK

Buy your eBook today for only $24.99 and receive instant access.


Only $24.99! Instant Access!

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  1. How does this ebook compare the Offensive Domination ebook? How exactly is one different from each other? Thanks

    1. The offensive domination ebook is based out of the Carolina Panthers playbook while this one is based out of the Atlanta Falcons playbook. They are just different playbooks which feature different plays and formations

  2. I use the Dolphins so which offensive E Book would work best for me?

  3. I use the Seahawks….which guide do you suggest I get.

  4. I use the Jets so which offensive E Book would work best for me?

    1. If you plan on picking up Madden 15, your best bet is probably to wait until we get our Madden 15 ebooks out which is probably only like a week away

      1. Ok I’m getting madden 15