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Madden 25 New England Patriots Team Breakdown

madden 25 patriots

The New England Patriots have been a force in recent Madden games.  While they have suffered a few losses, they still have the pieces to be a top 10 team in Madden 25.  We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: New England Patriots

Offensive Strategy: Pass, Pass, Pass.  Stevan Ridley is a servicable Madden running back, but the real power of this offense comes from the arm of Tom Brady.  Rob Gronkowski’s injury won’t be present in Madden 25 which makes him one of the most dangerous receiving weapons in the game.  Danny Amendola will essentially replace Wes Welker in that offense.

Defensive Strategy: Coverage defense.  The Patriots finally have a decent Madden secondary with Alfonzo Dennard, Aqib Talib, Adrian Wilson, and Devin McCourty in the secondary.  Vince Wilfork is a stud in the middle of the field, and the linebackers are decent.

Impact Players: QB Tom Brady, HB Stevan Ridley, WR Danny Amendola, TE Rob Gronkowski, DT Vince Wilfork, LB Dont’a Hightower, LB Jared Mayo CB Aqib Talib, FS Devin McCourty

Key Newcomers: QB Tim Tebow, WR Danny Amendola, S Adrian Wilson

Biggest Strength: Vertical passing game.   Tom Brady is still one of the most accurate passers in Madden 25.  He can make every single pass in the game while never having to worry about an inaccurate throw.

Biggest Weakness: Defensive line.  The defensive line of the Patriots isn’t all that special in terms of Madden.  They are a solid group but they lack the speed needed to get after the quarterback.

Rating: Good.  The Patriots are no longer an elite team in Madden 25 but they still are an upper level team.  A case could easily be made for them to be a top 10 Madden team.

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  1. Im not sure if your taking request but could you breakdown the Raiders next ? lol I have been given the task of taking them to super bowl in my connected careers league Im in with some friends and I know nothing about them smh

    1. We are just doing one a day. The Raiders will be next broken down next week

  2. are you doing the jets anytime soon

    1. The Jets breakdown will be up tonight

  3. You might wanna redo the patriots because they may be the best overall team in the game. First off stevan ridley and now lagerette blount have the ability to destroy defenses with their 96+ trk and 95+ stiff arm abilities. Sure they have fumbling problems but you have to tackle the beasts first, which makes them one of the best running games in madden. All of that with the great tom brady at qb. With amendola’s 95 route running ability he is unstoppable as a 2wr or slot. Then gronk who doesn’t need explaining and he is has a 91 trk rating!!!!! Julian Edelman now has a 87 route running ability so he is servicable if u want to move him into that 2wr/slot position. And the weapon i think no one uses, because ridley most times runs over 2 to 3 defenders a play, SHANE VEREEN. With the 84 catching ability and 75 rte running and cit no LB can stop him. Especially in the pats wing trips formation where you can motion him out so he lines up as a wr but he has a LB defending him, which forces you to bracket cover him or switch to zone or it will be revealed that you were in zone if you tried to disguise your coverage. Or just a simple angle route or motion to slot gives them another mismatch against teams such as the seahawks and 49ers which is needed. Especially since they lost wes welker. People need to be aware of the dark horse SHANE VEREEN because he destroys and changes gameplans. Just think about it… how many ppl go into games thinking i have to stop a receiving rb like vereen or darren sproles. And the defense is top notch with aqib talib’s man coverage rating of, for now 93, and mccourt’s 91 man coverage rating they stop receivers, well most, easily. You can simply sub the hard hitting FS ebner in at FS. Finally they have sure tackling lbs in spikes and mayo and an elite pass rusher in chandler jonesjones. Which makes the defense solid with one glaring weakness, ironically their kryptonite is wes welker. Who almost forces you to play zone because of his out routes and streak routes at slot wr. ANY other team can be stopped with a simple double team of receivers like megatron and brandon Marshall.


  4. Only thing dont over run the ball against the niners there ilb’s will cause fumbles. Oh yeah the no huddle offense with the ability to switch formations, throws opponents defensive gameplans out the window simply because you limit the opponent to 5 plays which are easliy readable, 2 man under, blitz, cover 2, cover 3, and your original play. For me easy money. I can read all of these coverages, no huddle with pats and a good knowledge of how to play good defense. How many games can you lose???? Close to none if you play turnover free with good clock management