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Madden 25 Jacksonville Jaguars Team Breakdown

madden 25 jaguars

The Jaguars have been one of the worst teams in Madden NFL games over the last few years.  While they have added a few effective Madden weapons in the offseason, they still have a long way to go before they will be competitive in Madden 25.

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Offensive Strategy: Run, Run, Run.  The Jaguars have one of the most dangerous backfields in the game. Maurice Jones-Drew (a top 5 Madden running back) should be able to pick up solid gains behind a pretty good offensive line.  It is really unfortunate that the Jaguars don’t have a halfway decent quarterback.  Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon paired with newcomers Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson form a pretty scary arsenal of weapons.

Defensive Strategy: Hope for the best.  The Jaguars really don’t have much of a secondary and a pretty terrible pass rush to pair with that.  The linebacking core is decent but doesn’t possess the speed needed to be truly feared.  Look for rookie safety Joanthan Cyprien to make a big time impact in Madden 25.

Impact Players: HB Maurice Jones Drew, WR Justin Blackmon, WR Cecil Shorts, HB Denard Robinson, TE Mercedes Lewis, S Jonathan Cyprien, MLB Paul Posluszny

Key Newcomers: HB Denard Robinson, T Luke Joeckel, WR Ace Sanders, S Jonathan Cyprien, CB Dwayne Gratz

Biggest Strength: Offensive Weapons.  Maurice Jones-Drew is a very effective running back while both Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon play well above their potential in Madden NFL games.  The Jaguars also drafted a few of the biggest playmakers in this NFL draft.

Biggest Weakness: Quarterback and defense in general.  The Jaguars defense is unbearably weak with no real puss rush or playmakers.  Both Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne will be fairly useless in Madden 25 unless one of them does so well in the beginning of the year that EA Sports is forced to give them some significant ratings boost.

Rating: Bad. This Jaguars team has potential and that is the only reason they get a 2 star rating instead of it being lower.  Only play with the Jaguars if you are a die-hard fan or if you are looking for a challenge.

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11 years ago

I can respect that, and being a die-hard home town fan, we’re talking Super Bowl by year 4. I can agree though with your entire article. Good write up

10 years ago

My favorite team is the Buccaneers and they seem like an intruiging team with Doug Martin and Derell Revis so I was wondering what you thought of them. Will Martin be a top 5 RB? Will the secondary be really good? Wil V Jax and Williams be good enough WRs to carry Freeman?

Bruce Ridley
Bruce Ridley
10 years ago

Im a Jaguars fan and thats all use on Madden 25, and let me tell you what, it sure is a struggle with them. My offense is pretty solid running the triple option with the 4th string QB Matt Scott and I have a good number of money plays to keep me in the game but what kills me is my defense, I tried almost all the fastest nano blitz and tried to find a good zone but they D react so slow and get beat so im still trying to find a decent defence for them with a good blitz, the most I ever beat someone with the Jaguars was 91-46 using the 46 bear under but it has its flaws. I guess I kinda know how to use them. If theres a good D to run with jags please share. Thanks. P.s Good article, everthing said is true.