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Madden 25 Denver Broncos Team Breakdown

madden 25 broncos

The Denver Broncos will be a great team to use in Madden 25.  They have a solid defense, an elite quarterback and good wide receivers.  We have the full Broncos team breakdown below.

Team: Denver Broncos

Offensive Strategy: Short Passing.  Peyton Manning is still a top 5 Madden quarterback and he now has 3 very reliable wide receivers to throw to in Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, and free agent pickup Wes Welker.  These guys should be able to get open fairly easily.

Defensive Strategy: Lockup.  The Broncos have cornerbacks Champ Bailey and Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie who are 2 of the top 10 cornerbacks in the game.  With Von Miller getting after the quarterback, you should be able to limit your opponents downfield passing game.

Impact Players: QB Peyton Manning, WR Wes Welker, WR Eric Decker, WR Demaryius Thomas, LB Von Miller, CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, CB Champ Bailey

Key Newcomers: HB Montee Ball, DT Terrance Knighton, CB Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, LB Shaun Phillips, CB Quentin Jammer

Biggest Strength: The passing game.  It will be nearly impossible to stop all of Peyton Manning’s weapons on offense.

Biggest Weakness: Running back.  Montee Ball could turn out to be an absolutely stud in the NFL but he won’t come in with a very high rating.  With that being said, he is more than good enough to get the job done in a pass heavy offense.

Rating: Great.  This team is 1 running back away from being elite.  Montee Ball could be that guy within a few roster updates.  Only time will tell.

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  1. Drc a top 10 cornerback….are you serious? What has he done in his career to make him a top 10 CB?
    1. Darrelle Revis
    2. Richard Sherman
    3. LaDarius Webb
    4. Joe Haden
    5. Champ Bailey
    6. Leon Hall
    7. Quentin Jammer
    8. Ike Taylor
    9. Brandon Flowers
    10. Dunta Robinson
    ….asante…brandon carr..patrick peterson.. all better. Its the same with Kapernick and Flacco. How is the Super Bowl Mvp who outplayed two of the best Qbs in history a 93, but a guy who played, what? 6 games in his career? An 89!? That’s freaking ridiculous.

    1. It doesn’t matter what he has done in his career, what matters is his height, speed and catch stats. Those are what make him a top 10 cornerback. In the NFL he is lucky to be a top 50 cornerback but this is Madden not the NFL.

      1. But he can’t cover!!!! The dude has been getting burned ever since he left AZ! Then if he has speed and can catch I guess randall cobb should be a 95? Explain the kapernick rating, I gotta hear that explanation.

        1. I feel like you are misinterpreting what we are saying. Does drc deserve to be a top 10 corner? Absolutely not. The fact is though when it comes to madden games he plays like one. Is it fair? No. But that is the reality of it.

          1. The whole point is to make madden as realistic as possible, making drc as good as haden or kapernick as good flacco is far from it.

          2. Agreed but we don’t make the game, we just help people play it.

    2. Don’t forget Chris Harris… arguably the best nickle CB in the game. He finished last year top 5 in yards allowed, and top 10 in completions allowed… I would guess Madden will take that into account and give him a significant boost this year. Pair that with Champ & DRC, Denvers nickle package is going to be hard to beat.

      I have a feeling the Broncos will be the team to beat online this year.

      1. Good call on Chris Harris. That was just another oversight on my part.

  2. I get what your saying madden-school about DRC. His gamer stats make him a good pick in madden. In prior maddens I have drafted him in the fantasy draft and has done good. Thanks for the update. I hope this team proves to be elite though.

    I get the short pass strength but will passing deep be a weakness for the team? I sure hope not the Manning not being able to make all throws is a bunch of crap. I hope the game has them as an elite team. They are currently number 2 in power rankings and could easily be 1.

    1. also have you seen their playbook and what do you think?

    2. Deep passing won’t necessarily be a weakness by any means

  3. just gotta set the edge in run defense

  4. What’s the best run stop defense