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Explaining The Madden 25 Audible System

madden 25 audible

The audible system in Madden 25 has been completely revamped from previous versions of the game.  Before most of you start crying over this change, it should be noted that the new audible system is about 500 times better than what we’ve had in previous Madden games.

To put it simply, you can only audible to formations which utilizes the same personnel package that you currently have on the field at the time.  To better demonstrate what this means, an example is provided below.

Say you come out in a formation with 1 tight end, 3 wide receivers, and 1 running back. When you go to audible at that point, you will only be allowed to audible to a play that uses that same personnel group.  So you can audible from shotgun normal (a formation that uses 1 tight end, 3 wide receivers, and 1 running back) to singleback ace y-trips (another formation that uses 1 tight end, 3 wide receivers, and 1 running back).  You will not be able to audible to something like I-form tight because that uses a different personnel group (2 tight ends, 2 running backs, and 1 wide receiver).

In previous games, you could audible to any formation you choose even if that formation called for 2 running backs, 2 tight ends, and 1 wide receiver.  This created all sorts of mismatches with gamers able to get wide receivers lined up as running backs or wide receivers lined up as tight ends.

The same audible system will apply to the defense as well so those of you who used to come out in quarters normal and shifting to a 46 bear will have to find something different.

The new audible system in Madden 25 may take some practice getting used to, but it will almost certainly eliminate some questionable tactics seen in user vs user games and marks another giant step forward for the Madden franchise.

Are you happy about this change or would you rather have the old audible system back?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. YES No more cheesy BS madden play. Steps towards a more realistic football experience.

    1. Agreed, this should make the game much more lifelike

    2. That’s a good move because that’s a little bit cheating

  2. Can you explain how this will work with custom playbooks? If I am reading it correctly, I won’t really have to worry about global audibles anymore.

    My question is how similar will this be to the NCAA demo audible system? When you choose a play on NCAA 14, you can audible to other formations that require the same personnel, and you basically have all of the plays in that set available to you.

    In M25, will you be able to build a custom book where you can edit the plays within a particular set that are available if you are using the right personnel while moving between formations? It looks on some of the E3 videos like there is still the use of buttons to select certain audibles instead of being able to scroll through the entire set of plays like the NCAA demo. Do you know then if we will be able to designate those quick audibles for every formation in our custom book?


    1. That is unclear as of now. Hopefully more information will come out soon about that.

  3. I like this new system I’m so sick of playing the madden’s favorite cheesy players so we will have to see if madden has finally became a sim game like 2k football was lol 60 bucks for cheesy

  4. Great change for the fairness and realness of the Madden football experience!

  5. im glad for this.. ppl be cheating putting wrs at te

    1. Uh, you can counter that by putting a CB at LB or in the slot so what’s your point????

  6. I don’t like the change because it limits you from a DC and OC as far as what you can do. All the people crying about “cheezing” either don’t know how to play offense or defense. In real football you can’t “limit” what formations you come out in on both sides of the ball so why would you do it in Madden? All of the stuff you see on Madden with WRs in the backfield or in TE slots (and vice versa) and RBs in the slot when teams on offense audible to another formation are done IN REAL LIFE as well. Instead of crying about someone doing something you call “cheezing” step your game up and learn how to counter it. Truth is all of the things you see on Madden as far as players being in different positions than their title happens in the NFL A LOT. Look at TEs like Graham and Julius Thomas who player in WR positions even though they’re TEs. Same goes for LBs who can play DE. There’s nothing “cheezy” about that because it’s done in the NFL pal.

  7. I don’t like the new system .i would like to go for 46 to quarter , or from I formation to shotgun.