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Madden 24 Cover 4 Drop and Cover 3 Beater

Madden 24: Easy Cover 3 Or Cover 4 Drop Beater From A Running Formation

It is always a good idea to have big time plays that you can go to when you catch your opponent calling the same defense over and over.

In fact, it’s even better when you can beat multiple common defenses deep with the exact same setup. Madden School Unlimited members have access to a bunch of these types of plays in the Coverage Beaters section of our members area.

Today we are going over a play from a formation we’ll mostly use with the running game. When our opponent goes into common run defenses like Cover 4 Drop, Cover 3, Cover 1, or Cover 0, we’ll be able to beat the defense deep for a huge gain.

Let’s dive in!

Madden 24 Tips: Beat Cover 3, Cover 4, Cover 1, & Cover 0 With 1 Play
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Playbooks: 49ers, Dolphins, Lions, Saints, Texans

Formation: I Form Slot Close

Play: PA Sprint HB Flat


  1. Right hash mark recommended
  2. Hot route your B/circle receiver to a streak route
  3. Hot route running back to any route, motion him out to the right, and then hot route him to a comeback route
  4. Block your tight end and double team the outside most pass rusher on the right


  1. Your primary read on this play against Cover 3, Cover 4 Drop, Cover 1, or Cover 0 defenses is the X/square receiver deep.

Overview: This is one of the quickest developing Cover 3/Cover 4 drop beaters and is especially effective because this is predominantly a run formation with a really nice HB Stretch play in it.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

The play final play art should look something like this. Based on how our opponent is lined up with a single high safety we can be pretty confident that he will be in either a Cover 3 or Cover 1 defense.

After we snap the ball, we look to the outside cornerbacks and the deep safety to confirm that our opponent is definitely in a Cover 3 defense so we know this play will work.

The cornerback on the right side of the screen locks in on the comeback route, while the safety in the middle of the field has to split the difference between the streak route and the post route.

Madden 24 Cover 4 And Cover 3 Beater

We easily make the catch by lead passing up and to the sideline.

The play results in an easy touchdown.

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4 months ago

What if they’re playing match coverage? And can we get more i-form tight plays?

22 days ago