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Madden 22 Cover 4 Drop Defense Beater

Madden 22: Beat Cover 4 Defenses For A Touchdown Every Time

Cover 4 defenses are becoming more and more popular online, mostly due to cover 2 not covering anything and cover 3 not being much better.

Just like we’ve broken down ways to destroy those coverages, today we are going over a way to beat Cover 4 defenses.

The video below explains it in detail!

Beat Any Cover 4 Defense In Madden 22 For A Touchdown Every Time

Madden 22 strategy guides

Playbook: Los Angeles Chargers

Formation: Singleback Ace Slot

Play: PA Scissors Flood


  1. Make sure you are on the right hash mark
  2. (Optional) Double team the outside most rusher on the right
  3. Hot route your B/circle receiver to a streak route


  1. Your primary read on this play is always the X/square receiver deep against cover 4 or cover 3. Roll out a little to the right and lead pass to the sideline
  2. If he is covered, your running back in the flat will usually be open

Overview: As long as you get the time to throw, you should be looking at a 1 play touchdown. It can help to have a fast receiver receiver lined up at the X/square position and make sure your quarterback has enough throw power to get the pass deep enough.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

This is how the final play art should look right before we snap the ball. Notice how we are on the right hash mark, double teamed the outside most rusher on the right, and have a lot of field in front of us.

Right away we notice the 4 defensive backs all dropping into their deep quarter zones so we know to scramble out to the right.

Our receiver is able to get behind the 2 defensive backs on the right side so we lead pass to the sideline over their head.

We catch the ball with no one around us and are able to walk into the endzone.

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Madden 22 strategy guides

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