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Madden 21 On XBOX Series X and PlayStation 5 Available On December 4th

EA Sports announced this morning that Madden NFL 21 will not be available at launch on XBOX Series X and PlayStation 5.

Madden 21 on the next generation consoles will be available about a month after the new consoles come out. The official release date for the new Madden 21 is on December 4th, 2020. The new consoles come out on November 10th and November 12th.

This announcement is a bit of a shock to the sports gaming world as it was assumed Madden 21 would be a launch title. Over the last couple of console upgrade cycles, the new Madden was available at release.

Remember, if you purchased Madden 21 on a current generation console, you will get the version on the new consoles for free via EA’s dual entitlement program.

As part of the dual entitlement program, you can carry across your progress from MUT, Franchise, and the Yard onto the new consoles. This includes your Ultimate Team cards and points so you won’t have to start over.

We still don’t have any details or information on what to expect from the next generation release of Madden 21. Hopefully some trailers, screenshots, or notes will come out soon. If they do we will be the first to bring them to you.

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3 years ago

Will our plays and playbooks still work on next gen or will there be new content

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