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Madden 21 Next Gen Coverage Beaters

One of the most beneficial things you can learn in Madden is the ability to beat a coverage for a huge gain if your know what defense your opponent is in.

Most Madden players stay in only a couple defenses each game so once you diagnose what defense it is, you can use the coverage beaters below to start scoring touchdowns.

Note: All of these plays can be found in the Carolina Panthers Offensive Playbook in Madden 21 and are confirmed to work on next generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X/S)

Man Beaters

Cover 2 Zone Beaters

Cover 3 Beaters

Cover 4 Beaters

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  1. Do These still work after patch?

  2. would these work on PS5 as well or do they strictly work only on next gen?

    1. Yes these work on both ps5 and ps4 consoles