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Madden 21 New Orleans Offensive eBook

Madden 21 New Orleans Offensive eBook

The Madden School New Orleans Offensive eBook for Madden 21 is now available! This ebook is huge featuring 9 formations and 60 plays all found inside of the New Orleans Saints offensive playbook.

Each play comes with a full HD video with voiceover along with a detailed step-by-step written breakdown. All of our ebooks are designed to work on PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and PC in all game modes including Ultimate Team, Head to Head, and Franchise Mode.

The formations covered in this guide are:

  • Pistol Bunch TE
  • Gun Tight Offset TE
  • Gun Stack Y-Flex
  • Gun Bunch
  • I Form Close
  • Gun Y Off Trio Wk
  • Gun Empty Y-Saint
  • Singleback Doubles
  • Other Effective Plays
  • Update #1: Gun Trey Y-Flex

Here’s a look at the first play in our Madden 21 New Orleans Offensive eBook.


This ebook is only available to our Madden School Unlimited members.

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  1. Hey, I am curious do you happen to have Offensive plays for the New Orleans Saints? We don’t have any speed on offense like the Chiefs and Brees doesn’t have strong throw power = 83. I don’t I’ll be able to effectively compete in the Connected Franchise i am in. Thanks in advance.

    1. All of the plays will work the same they just won’t be as effective without a decent throw power qb. You can always draft or trade for a 92+ speed wide receiver.

      1. Thanks for your response. I did consider that option…lol

  2. Idk why I can’t buy this or the go unlimited feature

    1. Hi, what are you seeing when you tried to purchase? I am going to send you an email as well.

  3. Any idea or time for defense Ebook

  4. Will the one year subscription cover the Madden 21 for the PS5 platform.

    1. Yes it will cover Madden 21 on both the current and next generation consoles

  5. Once someone buys e book – how can I view it?

  6. What’s a good offensive Playbook defensive playbook in Madden 21 to use

    1. We recommend the New Orleans offensive playbook and the Kansas City defensive playbook

    1. We currently do not offer private coaching.

  7. Lv raiders offense playbook

  8. If you buy the madden unlimited monthly, do I get every ebook y’all have?

  9. I need the email too I cant buy anything here