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Madden 21: Gun Y Off Trips – Slant 2 Buc

In this tip we are going over a way to beat cover 3 defenses deep in Madden 21.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Chicago Bears

Formation: Gun Y Off Trips

Play: Slant 2 Buc


  1. Put the X/Square receiver on an out route and smart route him
  2. Put the A/X tight end on a streak
  3. Put the B/O receiver on a drag


  1. The main target on this play is the RB/R1 receiver deep over top the defense
  2. Next look for the B/O receiver on the check down on the play

Overview: On this play we are breaking down a way to beat Cover 3 in one play for usually a touchdown. The out route is going to occupy the deep zone on the left leaving the RB/R1 receiver wide open. As the video shows this play will also destroy Cover 1 Man as well.

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