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Madden 21 Cover 4 Quarters and Palms Coverage Beater

In today’s free Madden School tip, we are going over a way to destroy Cover 4 Quarters and Cover 4 Palms defenses in Madden 21.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Formation: Gun Doubles

Play: Weak Flood


  1. (Optional) Hot route the X/square receiver to a hot route master/outside apprentice post.
  2. Hot route the Y/triangle receiver to a hot route master/outside apprentice cross.
  3. Hot route the B/circle receiver to a streak
  4. (Optional) Drag the A/X tight end if you come out in a different play.


  1. Your read on this play is your X/square receiver as he breaks to the middle of the field.
  2. Your second read on this play is your Y/triangle receiver on the right sideline.

Overview: The X/square post will shred cover 4 quarter/palms coverage every time. Just pass lead up and lob the pass to avoid the safety and corner on the right side of the field. This receiver will also beat man to man coverage if there is no safety help, but if you think your opponent is coming out in man, don’t route the B/circle receiver to a streak.

The Y/triangle receiver is also a great second option because it also gets open against quarter and palm coverage but it will find the whole in other zone coverages as well as get open against man.

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3 years ago

Do you have any Cover 4 Drop beaters since the patch? If so, can you post it the link or video again?


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