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Madden 21 Cover 3 Beater: Gun Empty Bunch – Z Spot

Cover 3 is one of the most common defenses in Madden 21. Some people will sit in it all game unless you show you can beat it.

In this tip, we are going over how to beat any cover 3 deep for a touchdown.

Check it out below!

Playbook: Pitsburgh Steelers

Formation: Gun Empty Bunch

Play: Z Spot


  1. Make sure you are on the left hash mark
  2. Hot route your B/circle receiver to a streak route


  1. Your primary read against cover 3 is the B/circle receiver deep. Lead pass to the sideline
  2. You also have your running back on a quick pass to the flat
  3. And your final read is the X/square receiver over the middle

Overview: This is a great play to call if your opponent is sitting in a cover 3 defense all game. We have a deep read, an intermediate read, and a short quick read all in 1 play.

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