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How To Get A Receiver At Tight End In Madden 21 Ultimate Team

In this Madden School Film Room tip, we are going over what you need to do to get a wide receiver at tight end in Ultimate Team.

It takes a little effort but the reward can be getting an incredibly fast wide receiver at tight end and create incredible matchup problems for your opponent.

Check out the full breakdown below!


  1. Take out all of your back up Tight ends
  2. Then take out all of your back up Offensive tackles from your lineup
  3. Next put your backup half back at starting fullback, and make sure to have no backup fullback
  4. The last step is to remove all of your middle linebackers from your team, and put outside linebackers at the middle linebacker spots

Overview: Essentially what we are doing here is leaving our team no choice but to be able to substitute a receiver at tight end. The reason being Offensive tackles, Fullbacks, Middle Linebackers, and backup Tight ends can all sub in at the Tight end position.

Basically, we have eliminated all of those possibilities from our team which in turn then leaves only our receivers and one backup running back. This will also allow us to sub in wide receivers at the fullback position as well. In formations such as strong close and others.

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