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Madden 21 Blitz: 46 Bear Under – LB Dogs 3

It is always nice to have some plays that can cause pressure in Madden 21. In today’s tip, we are going over a blitz that can get a defender free if your opponent doesn’t block extra guys.

Check out out below!

Playbook: San Francisco 49ers

Formation: 46 Bear Under

Play: LB Dogs 3


  1. Base Align
  2. Slant the defensive line to the right
  3. Put the linebacker on the right side in any zone
  4. User the safety and blitz ourselves, let yourself blitz for half a second and then fall back into coverage

Overview: This play we are breaking down a blitz where we send 5 blitzers against their 5 blockers and we get our left side linebacker running free at the QB. This is quick edge heat that does not require any contains, however as shown in the video if they are using a scrambling QB you might want to use contains instead.

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2 years ago

Whats coaching adjustments ,, as well as what are the zone drops (on them cloud flats/curl flats ) etc