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Madden 21: Confusing The Defense With Unique RPOs

In this episode of the Madden School Film Room, we are going over an adjustment you can make to a few RPO Read Option plays that can easily result in a 1 play touchdown.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Carolina Panthers

Formation/Play: Gun Spread HB Wk – RPO Read WR Screen or Gun Trips – RPO Read Screen


  1. Motion the blocking receiver on the side of the screen pass to the sideline closest to him (see video for positioning)
  2. This will put him on a hitch route. Smart route the hitch route to extend the route


  1. Snap the ball and immediatley throw it to your WR on the hitch route. Click on, make the catch and make 1 guy miss.

Overview: This concept can work with many different RPO WR Screen concepts so feel free to go through the playbook you use and see if there are any you can use.

One way of stopping this play from working is if your opponent pass commits, his defenders will not crash down on the run.

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3 years ago

Gun spreads Y-Slot Wk in custom playbooks

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