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Madden 2011 Non-Impact Rookies

In the 2009 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs selected Tyson Jackson with the 3rd overall pick.  Every year, teams seem to make selections that do not at all improve them in madden.  Not every general manager will pick like Al Davis and draft exclusively for speed and size. 

The 2010 NFL Draft featured 5 non-impact players out of the first 10 selections. Non-impact players are offensive lineman or defensive tackles.  This is part of the reason that the same team’s are bad every year in madden.   Team’s that needed to be improved the most ended up not getting any better while teams that have been dominant in madden in the past end up getting the playmakers.

Madden 11 should be the madden where offensive and defensive lineman matter, otherwise we will see the same 5-10 teams online again next year.

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  1. My squad got better and I seem to be the only person that plays with them. We got Ted Ginn Jr. So now we got a screen threat and a return man. We got Taylor Mays who is gonna destroy anybody that gets near him and he can cover ground. We got some speed at the corner spot now too. And being that this is the year we win the division, later in the season, our players will progress and we will be even better. GO 49ERS!!!

  2. Sorry man but you gotta go through the seahawks to get the division. We are also alot better and taylor mays got nothin on earl thomas.

  3. dude seahawks are still the bunkiest team in the division its going to be between the niners and well… no one else cause the ‘hawks qb is injury prone and they got rid of the best back up they’ve had in a long ass time plus the cards’ got rid of key players and warner is gone and its definatly going to take the rams some years to get back in it so basically with health permitting the division is ours to lose plus the hawks lost a hella good secondary coach in jim mora that coulda helped earl thomas a lot and reach his potential but now thats not going to happen we have the most complete unknown team in the division and definately in the top half of the nfl and thats why we havent picked in the top five the past three seasons! the seahawks and rams have been there twice at least in the past three seasons and angel i roll with the niners too on madden i have since madden o7 when manny lawson and vernon davis were there and my record since then is 84-22 so i definately know how to use my favorite team! go niners!!!!

  4. I disagree. I think those postitions in madden do matter. If you have a bad o-line or d-line your going to get exposed. For me the front four depends on how I play my defense. If their good(New York Giants) i can leave them on their own and movin them around and blitz when i know their going to pass. But if they suck ahem Atlanta(whom i’m a fan of) i have to blitz a linebacker almost every time! And lets see you throw a bomb with the detroit lions if they have a halfway decent LE i’m rolling right almost every time.

  5. Funny both your teams have sorry a$$ qb’s no one gonna win the division it’s whoever don’t lose it. “GO BOYS” Being home number six.

  6. They are talking about in real life. teams like the cowboys got dez bryant and other teams picked up a d-lineman like the jags. I’ve been running with the 49ers since ’97. Its the only team i play with and my friends know that. I get sick of the players who think they’re good but come out with the patriots/vikings/colts but they are a rams/lions/chiefs fan. If that’s your team use them. don’t worry about the wins/loses. Challenge yourself. Me i love when i beat someone with a good and I’m the 9ers. I usually get a friends request after. Anyone can score when they got a c. johnson/peterson/moss or a fast qb but that’s not real football. Study your playbook that’s how you get your win not what team you use.

  7. Maddens biggest problem is the rating system. There is absolutely no player differentiation, due to the fact that there are so many players rated in the high 80’s and 90’s. A 90 rating should be given to the elite of the elite, meaning that there should be perhaps 10 players at most with a 90+ ratings in the game.

    Drop all of the players ratings so that: 65-75 is average, 75-85 is good, 85+ is excellent and 90+ is elite