With every game online lasting from 45 minutes to 1 hour, it is clear that Madden is not for the gamer with a tight schedule.  The playing time has also forced tournaments to have 4, and even 3 minute quarters!  This is something that obviously had to be addressed and EA Sports is making an attempt to do so this year.

John Taylor, Designer/Technical Artist on Madden NFL 11, has released some info on a new play call screen that could lower the time spent in the playbook and drastically reduce the overall time you spend in playing just one game if it works as planned.  The goal is to have you pick plays the same way coaches in the NFL do.  According to John Madden, coaches have a game plan set up for specific situations such as 3rd down, goalline situations, or a 2 minute drill. 

After each play, you will be presented with a few options to choose from regarding what play will be ran next and even hear what the coaches have to say about the play.  For example, on 4th down it will provide with the option to punt, fake the punt, go for it, or open the playbook.  If you choose to go for it but not open the playbook, it will choose a play from your game plan.  It will be interesting to see how popular this will become in online play and at the Madden Challenge where players are picky on what plays they run. 

In order to make this new feature work correctly, you will need to have set up a Game Plan.  Players will be able to choose from a default game plan, that is will mimic the game plan of the team in real life, or set up their own game plan if they wish to do so.  However the option of calling plays like it was done in Madden 10 is still there.