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Madden 20 Tips: Gun Spread – Quick Slot Out

In today’s free Madden 20 tip, we are going over an extremely effective money play that beats every coverage in the game!

Any time you see your opponent in a cover 2 or cover 2 man defense, you are looking at an automatic touchdown.

Let’s dive right in!

The Best Madden 20 Tips - Beats Every Defense in The Game

Playbook: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Formation: Gun Spread

Play: Quick Slot Out


  1. Block your running back
  2. Put your X/square receiver on a comeback route
  3. Put your Y/triangle receiver on a flat route


  1. Your first read against any cover 2 defense is the B/circle receiver deep over the middle
  2. Against most cover 3 or cover 4 defenses, you can hit the A/X receiver on the corner route
  3. You also have a high/low read on the left side of the field. One of those receivers on the left will usually be open

Overview: We call this play if we are expecting any defense with 2 deep safeties. The B/circle receiver will get wide open deep. That B/circle receiver can also get open against cover 4 drop defenses. You also have 3 other really effective complimentary routes on the field.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

This is how the final play art should look after you make all of your hot routes

Right after we snap the ball, the first thing we look at are the 2 safeties. We can tell right away that they are both going out towards the sideline so we know it is a cover 2 defense.

At that point, the only thing we have to worry about is the MLB (with the check mark above his head) dropping into a deep blue zone to take away the post route. We can tell though that on this play he is staying near the line of scrimmage.

Our B/circle receiver comes across the deep middle of the field with a huge passing window. Notice how the safety on the left (highlighted in yellow) is hugging the left sideline leaving our B/circle plenty of room over the middle.

We are able to make the catch in stride.

And we walk into the endzone for a touchdown.

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