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Madden 20 Playbook Designer Anthony White Confirms Minneapolis Miracle Is In The Game

In yesterday’s article covering the new Hail Mary plays in Madden 20, we described a play that might have sounded familiar to Minnesota Vikings fans.

The play is called, “Hail Mary – Shot Save Clock” in Madden 20 but you might know it as the Minneapolis Miracle play.

For those of you who forgot what that play looks like you can watch it below.

Warning: Saints fans may not want to watch the video.

Home Radio Broadcasters Freak Out on Stefon Diggs Walk-Off Minneapolis Miracle TD! | NFL Highlights

So naturally we reached out to the man who is in charge of playbooks in Madden 20, Anthony White, to confirm whether the play art was based on the iconic play.

He had a pretty simple and straight forward response.

The “Hail Mary – Shot Save Clock” play will be in every playbook in Madden 20. It is not limited to just the Minnesota Vikings’ playbook.

The Philly Special being included in Madden 20 is getting all of the hype but it is the plays that are flying under the radar like this one that a lot of hardcore Madden fans are most excited about.

Next month will be an exciting time to see what other team specific gems can be found in the massively overhauled playbooks.

Which plays are you hoping to see in Madden 20? Let us know in the comments section below!

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