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Philly Special Will Be In Multiple Madden 20 Playbooks

Philly Special is making it’s way into Madden 20 playbooks! The play that won the Philadelphia Eagles the 2018 Super Bowl is confirmed to be in this year’s game.

We’ll also see a fake Philly Special play from the same formation. It will be found in the “Pistol- Philly” formation which is new to Madden 20. That will ensure when your opponent sees the formation, he won’t be able to key in on Philly Special play.

The plays will also be in the Dolphins, Browns, and Falcons playbook. Instead of calling it, “Miami Special,” “Cleveland Special,” or “Atlanta Special” it will still be called Philly Special in the other teams’ playbooks.

Take a listen to EA Sport’s Anthony White (who is in charge of playbooks in Madden) describe it on the Philadelphia Eagles’ podcast.

This news follows confirmation that we will see playbooks significantly expanded in Madden 20 with the addition of things like Jet Sweep Passes and Run/Pass Options (RPOs).

More Madden NFL 20 playbook information will be coming out this Thursday, May 23rd, so make sure to check back then for full details!

What other plays would you like to see in Madden 20? Sound off in the comments section below!

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