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No Huddle And Hurry Up Offenses Completely Overhauled In Madden 20

EA Sports is making a big effort to get rid of the boring downtime where you have to wait 5-10 seconds for all of your players to align between plays when you run a no huddle or hurry up offense.

When you no huddle in Madden 20, the game clock and the play clock will tick off the appropriate amount of time that it would take for your slowest player to get up to the line of scrimmage and get set but the game will skip ahead.

You should note both the game clock and play clock will naturally be accelerated regardless of your accelerated clock settings to account for the time that would normally tick off while players are getting aligned.

Basically the goal here is just less time staring at a screen with nothing to do and more time actually playing the game.

There was no early information on how much time the defense would have to make adjustments in the new no huddle situation we’ll see in Madden NFL 20. Unless the defense is given a reasonable amount of time to make adjustments, expect every offense in Madden 20 to be ran with a no huddle.

What are your thoughts on the new no-huddle offense in Madden 20? Sound off in the comments.

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5 years ago

Nice, but what we would also like to see is the loading times in between solo challenges decreased- it could be very easy to group them in packages that run within each other instead of loading after each and every play….(and also not continuing to compound the HUT mode as it’s getting somewhat confusing and too deep)…oh, and please, PLEASE overhaul the recruiting mode!…thanks 🙂

Rosetta Butler
Rosetta Butler
5 years ago

Will the game look like the real thing?

5 years ago

Dumb idea. Are they going to also account for time it takes for special teams to take the field and line up as welll? NO!!!!
You will still be able to instantly transition on special teams with 8 secs on the clock and get the kick off, but they will run the clock down on no huddle. ?

I have no problem waiting. They wait on any given Sunday, Monday or Thursday. It is part of the game and suspense and it already allows the defense to call a play and get in some other adjustments.

I don’t see run blocking or pass protection improvement?
Are they using less time in the pocket as the excuse for not fixing poor blocking? Will we still see pulling G and T ignoring blocks in their path?

Is the pass trajectory now automatic?
Because we use to double tap for over the LB until they added Matrix abilities to players.

Playbook Editor….
Will we still see shutgun plays continue to be categorized as hailmary plays in custom playbooks?
Will the audibles we SET hold regardless of the plays we add in later? Many times PA plays would take the spot of a previous play. Same with runs on some formations.

Did you fix the play call screen audible editor to be able to add a play to what might be an empty slot? So if there is no RB audible set… we could still set it to a play through that feature?

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