EA Sports announced more details around Superstar X-Factor in Madden 20 earlier today.

Adding in these special capabilities is a bold strategy that could either work out really well but could also risk fan backlash.


The main purpose of “Superstar X-Factor” is to make stars feel like stars in game. The “X-Factor” group will be comprised of 50 players that are the absolute best in the league. The “Superstar” group will have more players in it and will be fluid throughout the year.

These abilities will be available throughout all game modes including Ultimate Team, Franchise and Regs.

One good example of how this will all be implemented is, Madden 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes. This is what his attributes will look like.

Zone Ability

  • Bazooka – When in the zone, increase maximum pass distance
    • Objective: Complete a TBD-number of passes over 30-yards
    • Knock-Out: Interception or sack

Superstar Abilities

  • No Look Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy on cross-body throws
  • Escape Artist – Elite speed and agility when scrambling on passing plays
  • Dashing Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy when throwing on the run
  • Red Zone Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy when throwing inside the red zone

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