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3v3 MUT Squads Confirmed In Madden 20

MUT Squads will be coming back in Madden 20! EA has a history of adding in team play, removing it, bringing it back as MUT Squads and continuing that process.

Many people assumed that MUT Squads would continue to be in Madden especially with the increase it’s seen in popularity later on in the Madden 19 season. Here at Madden School we were holding tournaments on Playstation 4 with 20-30 teams of 3 signed up every week in January-March when Madden traditionally falls off in popularity.

The MUT Squads news comes via the official PlayStation website. Madden 20 is listed for pre-order and if you look very closely at the game description details, you see that online supports 2-6 players. That is a clear indication that there will be 3v3 MUT Squads.

We highlighted the important part in the image below.

That also means that Madden 20 MUT Squads tournaments will be back this year! We’ll be starting them up much closer to the beginning of the season so be on the lookout for signups in August.

We host these tournaments to give back to the Madden community so we want your input and feedback! We still haven’t figured out the exact format, rules, and timing of the tournaments so if you have early ideas or suggestions, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter @Maddenschool.

Are you excited for MUT Squads in Madden 20? Sound off in the comments section below!


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