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Madden 20 Money Run Play For Fast Quarterbacks

If you have a QB like Lamar Jackson, the play we are going over below is just about impossible for your opponent to stop 4 plays in a row. That is why we are posting it for our Unlimited members only.

Check it out below.

Playbook: Carolina Panthers

Formation: Gun Heavy Panther

Play: QB Blast


  1. Coaching Adjustments put the ball carrier on CONSERVATIVE
  2. Flip the run to the right with the right stick


  1. Follow blockers

Overview: This is one of the glitchiest runs that has ever been in Madden. When we flip the play with the right stick it completely glitches out the defense.

Also, the motion that can be used sometimes shown in the video will create more space for us to run. Remember you want to run holding RB/R1 to protect the ball. Be aware of your QB’s stamina.

In regular teams this play is best to use with Lamar Jackson. However, with new QB’s coming out in ultimate team this play will be very useful as well especially if this play is this effective when Mike Vick comes out.

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4 years ago

Guessing it will work well with kyler Murray also? Amazing play as well

Always looking forward to new plays

I am having a good record in regs thanks to u guys!

+ +