Hot routes have been changed in Madden 20 to now allow 14 options instead of the 10 that it had been in the past.

Elite receivers will have 4 additional slots where they can be hot routed to things such as corner routes, post routes, crossing routes, and stop n go routes.


If you have an elite pocket passing quarterback, all of your eligible receivers have the 4 additional hot route options regardless of whether they are superstars.

Here is a graphic of what the additional hot route options will look like.

Keep in mind that the 4 additional hot routes aren’t limited to the ones highlighted above. You will have other hot routes options you’ll be able to add in depending on the routes that work best for you.


These extra hot routes will open up playbooks in a way that hasn’t been done in over a decade. Creative offenses will be much more prevalent in Madden 20 than they have in years past.

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