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2 More Examples Of New RPOs In Madden 20

RPOs are a huge focus for Madden 20 with a total of over 200 different RPO plays in this year’s game. EA unveiled a few of the different types of RPOs we’ll see focusing on Peek, Read, and Alert RPOs. If you want to check those out in detail, you can do see here.

Here is how those plays will look.

Anthony White, who is in charge of the playbooks in Madden NFL 20, has released 2 new rough play art diagrams of RPOs. They aren’t in the extremely polished form that Madden fans are used to seeing but the play art still makes sense to football fans. We’ll go over them below.

They can both be found in the Gun Bunch Wide formation. The first play is called RPO Read Bubble.

The play above gives you the option to hand the ball off to the running back, throw a quick bubble screen to the slot receiver, or an out route on the left. This kind of play really stretches out a defense.

The 2nd version of the play from the same formation is called RPO Read FL Screen. It is basically the exact same play except that we have the outside receiver who is on the screen instead of the slot receiver.

The great thing about the RPOs in Madden 20 is you can throw to your eligible receivers as quickly as you’d like. You won’t have to wait for the quarterback and running back to finish a pre-determined animation.

In previous versions of Madden, you’d basically have to decide whether you wanted to run a read option, a screen play, or a passing play. Now you have elements of all 3 available in 1 play.

Notably, there weren’t any option plays or wide receiver screen plays in the specific Gun Bunch Wide formation in Madden 19. These types of plays should help make more formations usable which has always been an issue in competitive Madden with 2 or 3 formations being the only ones any elite player would use.

With tons of new offensive plays added into Madden 20, one big concern is how defenses will be able to counter. New plays and formations on the defensive side of the ball were not added to Madden 20.

Look for more Madden 20 news and information coming at EA Play in early June.

Or check out our Madden 20 news center for all of the information already released.

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5 years ago

Formation is off.. formation on game has tailback on the playside, sketch has tailback on the backside..Hopefully back is on play side, makes the RPO more a threat with a dual threat QB.

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