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Madden 19 Week 8 Roster Update Released

With week 8 of the NFL season behind us it’s time for another roster update. This weeks version doesn’t have a great deal of surprises, and really focuses on some of the players who had stand out games in a positive way. Some of the fantasy football giants this far were given some upgrades.

First, starting with Todd Gurley, the Los Angeles Rams half back moves up another overall and is currently a 95. Michael Thomas wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints has had a huge year and continues to shine and this week has moved up another overall and is currently a 94.

Other than these superstars there were only 5 players that were ranked 90 overall or better that had their overalls changed in this weeks update. These players and their changes are listed below:

  • Drew Brees QB (NO) 93 overall -1 
  • A.J. Green WR (CIN) 93 overall -1
  • Kareem Hunt HB (KC) 92 overall +2
  • Stefan Diggs WR (MIN) 91 overall +1
  • Devonta Freeman HB (ATL) 90 overall -1

This weeks big movers are mostly role players but with their changes, your favorite team could be altered in either a negative or positive direction. Especially the New York Giants as they have 5 players in the big movers this week. These players are listed below:

  • Mario Edwards Jr. (DE) 74 overall -4
  • Jamon Brown (LG) 70 overall -1
  • Sean Chandler (FS) 67 overall +2
  • Ukeme Eligwe (MLB) 64 overall -4
  • Tae Davis (MLB) 63 overall +5 

Other than two of these New York Giants players, there are 8 players ranked 70 overall or higher included in the big movers that could have the potential to make an impact in Madden games this week. These players are also listed below:

  • Jordan Thomas TE (HOU) 70 overall +1
  • Tarell Basham LOLB (NYJ) 72 overall +2 
  • Jaron Brown WR (SEA) 74 overall -3
  • Mike Pearson RG (SF) 75 overall +2 
  • Dante Fowler Jr. ROLB (LAR) 77 overall -5 
  • Jonathan Allen RE (WAS) 83 overall +1 
  • Trey Flowers RE (NE) 87 overall +1
  • Mitchell Shwartz RT (KC) 89 overall +3

As the trend continues teams that succeed typically get a boost among their top performers, while losing teams from the previous week see their players drop not only in awareness, but in overall as well. With another half of the football season to go, we still have a lot of changes in the near future. 

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