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Madden 19: Weak Close – PA Post Shot

Today we are going over another play from the Weak Close formation in the New England Patriots offensive playbook. If you missed yesterday’s tip, you can watch it here.

The full breakdown is below.

Madden 19: Weak Close - PA Post Shot

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Weak Close

Playbook: PA Post Shot


  1. Put your tight end on a streak route
  2. Put the receiver on the right on a hitch route
  3. (Optional) Block your running back to cancel out the play action


  1. Your first look is the tight end down the seam
  2. Then throw it to the hutch route immediately or playmaker him to the open spot
  3. Your last read is the crossing route

Overview: This play works similar to the play I broke down out of Split Close Pats. However, this play has a little different over route and also we have a playmaker option to either side or you can playmaker him up the field if that is where the hole in the zone is.

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