Today we are continuing on with another tip from the New England Offensive Playbook. We have a full eBook out of the playbook but we wanted to go over a couple free plays as well.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Weak Close

Play: Bench Switch


  1. Hot route your tight end to a fade route
  2. Put your wide receiver on the left on a drag route
  3. Block your fullback


  1. Your first look is the tight end if he is open
  2. Then look to the drag route
  3. If the drag route is covered, the corner route should be open (pass lead to the sideline)
  4. Your last read is the delayed route to the running back

Overview: This play is good because it creates a high low on the right side of the field. The fade will attract the attention of the deep zone whether its a cover 2, 3, or 4 which will in turn leave the corner route open. We also have our drag and blue route to the running back as safety routes.

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