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Madden 19: Gun Split Close Pats – PA Y Shot

Yesterday we released our Madden 19 New England Offensive eBook! In celebration of that, we are covering a play out of that playbook that can get open against every coverage in the game.

Check it out below!

Madden 19: Gun Split Close Pats - PA Y Shot

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Split Close Pats

Play: PA Y Shot


  1. Streak the tight end
  2. Put the B/circle receiver on a drag route
  3. Block the running back
  4. Motion the B/circle receiver to the left and hike after he clears the left side WR


  1. Sometimes you will be able to quick throw down the seam to your tight end
  2. Then look to the high/low between the drag and the over route

Overview: This play is made because of how deadly the over route is from it. Motioning the drag across and then hiking creates a high low that is both tough to user and tough for the zone to play both.

This is how the final play art should look before you snap the ball.

We can see that against this particular defense, our drag route is open early.

We wait a little longer for the play to develop and our crossing route gets open.

We lead pass up over the zone on the right sideline and make the catch for a big gain.

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TF 4-67
TF 4-67
5 years ago

Why do my wide open receivers only use one hand to try and catch deep passes

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