In Madden 19 you can finally audible out of (or into) the Gun Monster formation. Gun Monster is the formation that can sometimes cause opposing defenses to line up poorly which allows us to be able to run the ball right up the middle for an easy 5-10 yards.

Check out what we do to make this little scheme most effective in Madden NFL 19.

Playbook: Cleveland Browns (other others)

Formation: Gun Monster

Play: Inside Zone


  1. If you have the numbers, run the play as is. If the defense gives you a look you don’t like, audible to a different play.

Overview: This can be a tough play to defend because most people will completely change their defensive setup when they see you come out in this weird formation. At that point you quickly audible and snap it while their defense isn’t set.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

We come out in the Gun Monster formation with the play Inside Zone. If we like the defensive look, we can keep it and run the play.

Or we can audible to a different play, make one hot route while everyone is moving and then quickly snap the ball to catch out opponent off guard.

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