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Madden 19: Singleback Deuce Close – PA X Post Cross

In today’s Madden 19 tip, we are going over a money play from one of the most popular formations in the game, Singleback Deuce Close.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 19 Singleback Deuce Close - PA X Post Cross


Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: Singleback Deuce Close

Play: PA X Post Cross


  1. Put the A/X tight end on a drag route
  2. Put the Y/Triangle tight end on a drag route (optional)
  3. Block the running back


  1. The first read on this play is the A/X tight end on the drag route
  2. If that is not there look for the Y/Triangle tight end
  3. Then progress to the B/O receiver on the over route deep
  4. Finally, look for the X/Square receiver deep on the post route

Overview: This play shows an easy way to attack Cover 2 and Cover 3 style defenses. The route combinations attack high and low to the left side of the field, while also attacking the middle of the field as well with the X/Square receiver.

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